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As you know, tassels are made either from silk, cotton or rayon and these soft materials tend to go out of shape after a period of time. There are steps that you as an owner can take in prolonging their lifespan.


Store them hanging to avoid the threads tangling and threading. Invest in an earring board or a jewelry stand
or DIY your own. Hanging them upright uses gravity to pull the threads downward and keep them straight.
If you lay tassel earrings flat such as in a jewelry box, the threads will flair out and become puffy.
Puffy tassels are not a good look for anyone.

When traveling, wrap them tightly in a soft paper or plastic to keep the threads from tangling.
When you’ve arrived at your destination, immediately remove them from the packaging and hang them upright.

It is not necessary to wash your tassels. For some reason you’ve decided to take a mud bath wearing your tassels,
gently rinse them in water until all the dirt has been removed then wrap them in a soft towel to remove
the excess water. Next, hang them upright to air dry. Hanging them upright is very important when they are wet as tassels are most inclined to change their shape while they are wet.

Avoid contact with perfume, moisturiser, hairspray and makeup as these will stain or discolor the tassels
as well as the metal parts of the tassel earrings. If this happens, clean them gently with water and air dry.
Use make up remover and a small cloth or Q-tip to remove stubborn make up stains.

If they do go out of shape, hand brush them under the hot heat of a hairdryer for a few seconds to 1 minute maximum. Wet the tassels with a little water if they stubbornly refuse to change their shape.

Never brush them with a comb or hair brush as the threads may fall off. Hand brushing them is good enough. If the threads get entangled, gently untangle each piece before you blast them with heat.

Tassel earrings or any other type of earrings should be removed daily. Do not sleep with them and
never enter the shower with earrings on. Some statement earrings tend to be a bit heavy.
It is important that you remove them at the end of the day or event and give your ears a bit of a rest.
Switch between delicate studs and chunky statement earrings to avoid injuring your ear lobes.


Routine Sterling Silver / 18K / 24K Plating care is a must if
you want to keep your jewellery looking its best.


 It's not a great idea to shower with your jewellery on, but once in a while isn't going to do any lasting damage.
Just make sure to dry it after.


Take your jewellery off. Chlorine is a pretty harsh chemical, so if you accidentally forget to remove your
jewellery before hopping in, make sure to rinse and clean it afterward. 


Same idea as the swimming pool, butthere's even more chlorine in the hot tub and the heat
can accelerate the chemical reaction. 


 The sulfur in natural hot springs will wreak havoc on your silver. Unless you're going for that
"dark oxidized" look, avoid at all costs. 


Chemicals in lotions and perfumes can also cause your jewelry to tarnish. Apply them first,
let them dry, and then put your jewellery on. This alone can make a huge difference in your silver's luster. 

Air exposure can wreck havoc by tarnishing your delicate silver. Don't just leave it lying on your
nightstand or in an open jewellery chest. And, don't just leave it in your purse or drawer! 

It's best to store silver in individual, air-tight bags with anti-tarnish properties.
These types of bags keep air exposure out, and keep the shininess and brilliance intact.

Unclasp and unhook the jewellery to avoid potential scratching. Do not bunch several pieces
in the same bag to save time or space. This can create tangling, scratching, tarnish, and that is exactly
what we are trying to avoid here! 

For additional preventative efforts, jewellery box provide anti-tarnish protection.
Throw one in each bag for extra care. 
Repair and Maintenance :

We are happy to provide you the products repair and maintenance service, please show sales invoice and products, DEPBYSTEP will be happy to serve you.
( Does not cover man-caused damage )
Customers can contact our customer service at 852-69294969 ( WhatsApp ) or email to and send the products back to DEPBYSTEP by SF Express.
( cost and related duties are the responsibility of the customer )
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